Using Multiple Photo Apps

I'm back...with a new attitude! As you know, with my last post, I have been in the process of moving. I took the last couple of weeks off to get moved into to my new space. Here's a photo I took this evening from my new porch!

A View From My Porch - By Jennifer Lynn Bishop

I am swimming in a sea of boxes right now, so I don't quite have my creative environment back up and running again for doodling, but I have had time to enjoy my new surroundings and have snapped a few photos. As you can probably tell from my Flickr feed, I have found quite a bit of inspiration in my new home, and my chihuahua "Pip" makes it into a lot of the photos. :)

Using Multiple Apps...

Today I thought I would show you how I use multiple apps to edit my photos. Sometimes I get on a tangent and just use one app for the entire edit (admittedly, that app is often Vintique), but there are other days when I feel the need to use many apps at once. At most I think I have used 4. Some have a filter that I absolutely love, but they may not have the best frames. If I could combine them all into one app, I would. So her is a test to see what happens during my process, when I don't really have a plan.

Here is the original of the image posted above, with a square crop:

Original - Square Crop

Let's see what else I can do to this image to create iPhoneArt. Here is a gallery to show each part of the process. Flip through and hover over each image to find out what app I used and what treatment it got along the way.

So it looks like 4 is my lucky number in iPhone art. I used the following apps:

  1. Vintique - $0.99 (Additional filters are available for a small fee.)
  2. PhotoViva - Free!
  3. Distressed FX - $0.9
  4. Pixlr Express+ - Free!

How many apps have you used at one time? Leave me a comment!

Finding Time for Creativity

Recently I began packing up my home to move to a new downtown apartment (more on the apartment later). I find it incredibly hard to be creative during times like this, and even though moving is a good thing, I start to feel guilty, as though I'm neglecting my art and photography.

So how do you squeeze it in?

I find that iPhoneography is the easiest thing to do when I'm busy. My iPhone is right there, and even something as mundane as packing is a story. It's exciting to think about moving to a new place and as each newspaper wrapped trinket and book is placed in a box, I am excited that the next time I see them, it will be in my new home. Why not capture these moments of change, especially when it is a GOOD change?

Bare cupboards beg the question, "Who will live here next and what will they use this cabinet for?"

Later on, these photos could go into my Smashbook for me to look at later. So even though I may not be doing a lot with them now, I at least feel that I am doing something to contribute to future creativity. And as I unpack my things in my new place, build my new creative space, or add a new decoration here and there, I have no doubt that my iPhone will be nearby so that I can capture those moments as well.

Subscription Boxes


A few months ago I decided to sign-up for a sample subscription service called BirchBox. For $10 a month, I receive a small brown & pink box with about 5 beauty product samples. At first, it was the idea of receiving surprise beauty products in the mail that attracted me to the idea. I soon realized that the packaging for these boxes and the product packaging is what I love the most. Here are some photos of the December BirchBox that I received:

BirchBox - Unwrapped from the outer shipping carton.

As you can see, the box is very cute! I love the natural cardboard against the vibrant pink and shimmery gold stripes. It looks like it is wrapped neatly with strips of ribbon. Also, the box is very sturdy, and as I've found, useful for holding lots of other things! I'm using them to separate small art supplies. I just love packaging that can be recycled and used elsewhere!

BirchBox - Opened with greeting on top.

Let's unwrap the goods!

After much anticipation, I dive in. Inside they have covered the gifts with lovely pink tissue paper along with a greeting card that has information about each sample. The card itself is well designed, mimicking the same gold and pink ribbon from the outside of the box.

BirchBox - Unveiled

Finally, I pull back the tissue paper to see what I've been sent. Since this was the December box, they wrapped a perfume & other shampoo samples with some coordinating tissue paper and tied it with a pink ribbon. I love this personal touch. It makes it seem even more special, as you know that someone had to wrap this with tissue paper and tie the ribbon by hand. It also feels like you're unwrapping a second present.

Where have I been?

Evidently, there are a TON of these subscription services out there, each with their own unique packaging. provides user reviews and collects information as to the pricing, images of the boxes and/or the contents, and other info, ranking them according to the user reviews. They have them categorized by type. does the same thing as, but they also list out any coupon codes that the subscription services are offering at the moment.

What kind can you get?

There are art boxes, culinary boxes, kid boxes, baby boxes, fashion boxes, craft boxes... The list goes on! Some have full size products, some are just samples, and as I've discovered with BirchBox, some have a mix of both. BirchBox worked well for me, as it was only $10 a month, and as long as I receive a full size sample once in a while, I might just keep subscribing. Oh, and did I mention that they have a BirchBox for Men? It's $20 a month instead $10, but I'm assuming that is because samples for men are not as plentiful as samples for women.

Who is this for?

Who doesn't like getting gifts in the mail (even if they've paid for it themselves)? And from a design perspective, I think it's kind of neat to see the innovative packaging that is being used for the samples. I'm so used to the typical vials of perfume and little tiny lipsticks that it's nice to see companies choose packaging that not only makes it a little easier to apply the product, but also gives you a little bit more to sample than a paper thin layer of eyeshadow or blush. But that's a whole other blog post! Check out one of these services, even if for only a month. It's a lot of fun!