Hello and welcome to Rainy Day Doodle, my lab for and creative space for art and iPhoneography for graphic design! Some of you may have followed me over from my previous site, Color My Designs, where I had an online geometric coloring book. Not to fear. There may not be online coloring anymore, but I will from time-to-time surprise you with something to fulfill your desire to fill in space with color.

Dulcimer - 2013

What is Rainy Day Doodle?

Rainy Day Doodle is a term that I use often to describe my doodling, as it is perfect for a rainy day, due to the time and intricacies I put into each of my doodle drawings. I like to incorporate my doodles into my work, thus, Rainy Day Doodle was born.

What Am I Doing Here?

I decided that I needed a site that was much more than a large coloring book, but rather a place for me to experiment and share those experiments with you. Since receiving my iPhone before Christmas last year, I have been snapping photos like a mad woman! I have also taken a couple of iPhoneography classes from Marmalade Moon that have opened my eyes to so many possibilities.

It occurred to me, one day while I was drawing on my iPhone, that there are so many things that you can do with these devices. There are so many wonderful new design apps on the market or on their way to the market. I wonder how much design work I could actually do right on my iPhone or iPad? Would it be more efficient or more of a hassle? So this is my current assignment for myself: To explore graphic design on the iPhone and iPad. There will be failures, but without failures, the victories won't seem as victorious. So I am going to be as honest as I can, whether I am reviewing an app or sharing one of my failed attempts. It may not be pretty, but hey, someone's gotta be the guinea pig.

Okay. I'm going in! Wish me luck!