Finding Time for Creativity

Recently I began packing up my home to move to a new downtown apartment (more on the apartment later). I find it incredibly hard to be creative during times like this, and even though moving is a good thing, I start to feel guilty, as though I'm neglecting my art and photography.

So how do you squeeze it in?

I find that iPhoneography is the easiest thing to do when I'm busy. My iPhone is right there, and even something as mundane as packing is a story. It's exciting to think about moving to a new place and as each newspaper wrapped trinket and book is placed in a box, I am excited that the next time I see them, it will be in my new home. Why not capture these moments of change, especially when it is a GOOD change?

Bare cupboards beg the question, "Who will live here next and what will they use this cabinet for?"

Later on, these photos could go into my Smashbook for me to look at later. So even though I may not be doing a lot with them now, I at least feel that I am doing something to contribute to future creativity. And as I unpack my things in my new place, build my new creative space, or add a new decoration here and there, I have no doubt that my iPhone will be nearby so that I can capture those moments as well.