Using Multiple Photo Apps

I'm back...with a new attitude! As you know, with my last post, I have been in the process of moving. I took the last couple of weeks off to get moved into to my new space. Here's a photo I took this evening from my new porch!

A View From My Porch - By Jennifer Lynn Bishop

I am swimming in a sea of boxes right now, so I don't quite have my creative environment back up and running again for doodling, but I have had time to enjoy my new surroundings and have snapped a few photos. As you can probably tell from my Flickr feed, I have found quite a bit of inspiration in my new home, and my chihuahua "Pip" makes it into a lot of the photos. :)

Using Multiple Apps...

Today I thought I would show you how I use multiple apps to edit my photos. Sometimes I get on a tangent and just use one app for the entire edit (admittedly, that app is often Vintique), but there are other days when I feel the need to use many apps at once. At most I think I have used 4. Some have a filter that I absolutely love, but they may not have the best frames. If I could combine them all into one app, I would. So her is a test to see what happens during my process, when I don't really have a plan.

Here is the original of the image posted above, with a square crop:

Original - Square Crop

Let's see what else I can do to this image to create iPhoneArt. Here is a gallery to show each part of the process. Flip through and hover over each image to find out what app I used and what treatment it got along the way.

So it looks like 4 is my lucky number in iPhone art. I used the following apps:

  1. Vintique - $0.99 (Additional filters are available for a small fee.)
  2. PhotoViva - Free!
  3. Distressed FX - $0.9
  4. Pixlr Express+ - Free!

How many apps have you used at one time? Leave me a comment!