My New Esty Store

After months of work, I have finally finished and uploaded my first printable coloring book to Etsy!

What You Get...

  • This PDF book is filled with 12 new designs that, once purchased, you will receive a link to where you can instantly download and print out the designs as many times as you wish.
  • Color them over and over again to create new and interesting color schemes.
  • I have alternated full compositions with repeated patterns for whatever you are in the mood to color.
  • There are a lot of little nooks and crannies to color, lots of curves and overlapping shapes, and they will make great artwork for you to gift to a friend or keep for yourself! 

Purchase Options... 

You have the option to purchase the entire book or individual pages, but beware that if you download just one page or any of the pages individually, I cannot prorate the cost of the entire book, if you decide you want to purchase the balance. As for payment options, I am accepting PayPal payments, which are really easy to submit!

The Future...

I am so excited about this new venture. I would like to expand beyond coloring books and offer other printables, and perhaps original artwork that I would ship to you.  We shall see. :)

To be continued...

Using Multiple Photo Apps

I'm back...with a new attitude! As you know, with my last post, I have been in the process of moving. I took the last couple of weeks off to get moved into to my new space. Here's a photo I took this evening from my new porch!

A View From My Porch - By Jennifer Lynn Bishop

I am swimming in a sea of boxes right now, so I don't quite have my creative environment back up and running again for doodling, but I have had time to enjoy my new surroundings and have snapped a few photos. As you can probably tell from my Flickr feed, I have found quite a bit of inspiration in my new home, and my chihuahua "Pip" makes it into a lot of the photos. :)

Using Multiple Apps...

Today I thought I would show you how I use multiple apps to edit my photos. Sometimes I get on a tangent and just use one app for the entire edit (admittedly, that app is often Vintique), but there are other days when I feel the need to use many apps at once. At most I think I have used 4. Some have a filter that I absolutely love, but they may not have the best frames. If I could combine them all into one app, I would. So her is a test to see what happens during my process, when I don't really have a plan.

Here is the original of the image posted above, with a square crop:

Original - Square Crop

Let's see what else I can do to this image to create iPhoneArt. Here is a gallery to show each part of the process. Flip through and hover over each image to find out what app I used and what treatment it got along the way.

So it looks like 4 is my lucky number in iPhone art. I used the following apps:

  1. Vintique - $0.99 (Additional filters are available for a small fee.)
  2. PhotoViva - Free!
  3. Distressed FX - $0.9
  4. Pixlr Express+ - Free!

How many apps have you used at one time? Leave me a comment!