About Me

Welcome to Rainy Day Doodle, where I will share my handwriting, doodles, and digital design.

My name is Jennifer Bishop and I love to doodle and practice my handwriting. I’ve been doing calligraphy off and on since I was a teen and in the last couple of years, I’ve taken part in the Rock Your Handwriting Challenge. It’s loads of fun and anyone can join!

In addition to my doodling and graphic design, I am a published geometric coloring book designer (Dover Publications 2006 - Republished in 2014).

About the Name "Rainy Day Doodle"

"Rainy Day Doodle" is a phrase I use often to describe my hand drawn designs, as I often begin with no plan, and they are perfect for a rainy day. Some of my doodles may take 30 minutes, but some of my larger pieces could take all day, depending upon how complicated the design.