About Me

Welcome to Rainy Day Doodle, my creative lab for doodling, iPhoneography, and graphic design.

My name is Jennifer Bishop and I love to doodle, but also experiment with converting my doodles to coloring pages and for other design purposes.

In addition to my doodling and graphic design, I am a published geometric coloring book designer (Dover Publications 2006 - Republished in 2014).

The Challenge

In January of 2014, I began a daily doodle challenge. I made it all the way through the end and it helped me develop my own drawing style. I've since been on more of a drawing tangent, rather than computer-aided design, but that could change at a moments notice. I'm simply enjoying this new love of pen and ink! My home page will be updated on a regular basis, as I post new items to Flickr, so please come back and see what I've been up to!

About the Name "Rainy Day Doodle"

"Rainy Day Doodle" is a phrase I use often to describe my hand drawn designs, as I often begin with no plan, and they are perfect for a rainy day. Some of my doodles may take 30 minutes, but some of my larger pieces could take all day, depending upon how complicated the design.

My Lab

My mediums change all of the time and as I write this, I am in more of a pen and ink mood. My idea for this site is to simply use it as a showcase for what I'm currently working on and if you're interested in purchasing any of my artwork, please send an email to and we can talk. (Note: I am not currently taking on any custom work, but I can create original artwork based upon pieces that I've already done or in my own style.)